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Tell Clinton Foundation to Cut Its Ties to Junk Food Corporations

Seeing these pictures promoting Ronald McDonald at the Clinton Center’s Coca Cola exhibit inspired me to start a Change petition:

Tell the Clinton Foundation to Cut Its Ties to Junk Food Corporations!

I hope you’ll consider signing and sharing it with your contacts.
Text of my Change petition:

The Clinton Foundation has partnerships with junk food giants Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. It provides a platform in its Center and other forums for these junk food companies who get positive publicity while peddling unhealthy foods to children. I understand the need to work with companies, but what’s happening with the Clinton Foundation is truly beyond comprehension. Please sign my petition and tell The Clinton Foundation to stop partnering with Coca-Cola and McDonald’s.

As a mom and an advocate who writes about issues relating to kids and food, I spend a lot of time keeping up on ethically questionable practices of the junk food industry. The mission of The Clinton Foundation includes improving global health and wellness and reducing childhood obesity. They want to create “partnerships of purpose,” but how exactly does a 3 month Coca-Cola exhibit in The Clinton Presidential Center accomplish these goals? And how does an appearance by Ronald McDonald in The Center’s facility accomplish these goals?

I am concerned about how the Clinton Foundation’s partnerships with Coca-Cola and McDonald’s allow these corporations to build up their brand even as the health community works to decrease consumption of soda and fast food. From Nov 07, 2015 to Feb 15, 2016, the Clinton Presidential Center hosted an exhibit called “Coca-Cola: An American Original.” The exhibit focused on promoting Coca Cola’s images and advertising campaigns and part of it was “dedicated to American presidents and their connection to the global brand. That would be like the American Cancer Society hosting an exhibit about Marlboro cigarette advertising over the years!

On February 11, 2016, McDonald’s sent Ronald McDonald to the exhibit with a public relations firm for a “behind the scenes tour of the Coca Cola exhibit.”  McDonald’s promoted this visit on social media, reinforcing its brand connection to both The Clinton Foundation and the Coca-Cola brand. Seeing this ridiculous image is what drove me to start this petition. Stop targeting our impressionable children with your junk food. Enough is enough! Both Coca Cola and McDonald’s face criticism for their marketing to children as the world faces an epidemic of diet-related disease.  Coca Cola and McDonald’s are working deliberately and in very unethical ways to promote diabetes, obesity, tooth decay and heart disease with their relentless promotion of soda and fast food.

It’s time for The Clinton Foundation to side with public health and break its ties to Coca Cola and McDonald’s.


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