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Teaching Kids to Avoid Junk Food Without Resentment

tgiving  Parents often feel stuck between teaching their kids to avoid the junk food overload versus creating feelings of deprivation leading to resentment.  This letter of thanksgiving from my twelve-year-old daughter validated that teaching kids to learn to love food that loves them back can lead to gratitude.   Just in time for the holidays, Dr. Dina Rose has written 10 Essential Holiday Eating Habits Kids Need to Learn.

A holiday where hedonic hunger—not physiological hunger—rules the day.  This year, instead of worrying about getting healthy food into your kids on Thanksgiving, teach them the kinds of useful habits they’ll need for a lifetime of healthy holiday eating.

Today’s kids live in an age where hedonic hunger not only rules holidays, but also our society.  These lessons are important not just for Thanksgiving and holidays but also their day-to-day lives.  Let’s teach our children these important lessons for swimming against the tide in an obesogenic environment and also work to create a food world that supports their health.  Happy Thanksgiving!



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