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A Letter to My Dad in Berkeley About the Soda Tax

measureD_logo  Dear Dad,

I am writing to ask you to do a favor for me and your granddaughters.  Please support the Berkeley soda tax and vote yes on Measure D.  I have seen the physical and emotional toll that type 2 diabetes has taken on you.  You’ve worked hard in order to support me growing up and I have not told you enough how much I appreciate that.  Your own needs often took a backseat to mine and you gave me many opportunities for a better life.

Your granddaughters have also benefitted from those sacrifices and I am doing all I can to improve their odds of avoiding a future of diet-related disease. I’m grateful that my home state of California has a history of leading when it comes to laws that support good health.  We spent thirteen years in Lexington, Kentucky without having to breathe secondhand smoke because California cities had already paved the way with smoking bans.  California also led the country in tobacco control efforts like cigarette taxes which have significantly reduced smoking rates.

It’s clear from the big bucks companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are spending to defeat Measure D, that they know the likely ramifications of a soda tax in Berkeley.  They are using the profits from making people sick in order to keep making more people sick. That’s right out of the tobacco industry playbook and they’re blanketing Berkeley with what’s known as saturation advertising.  Please take to the voting booth on November 4th and show them Berkeley can’t be bought.



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