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Help Hijack #RonaldMcDonald

mnliWill you help us hijack #RonaldMcDonald with #MomsNotLovinIt?
Of all the problems McDonald’s had to fix, they chose to update the clown’s outfit.  Let’s change the conversation from what Ronald is wearing to the company’s unethical practices like using schools to market to kids.

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#RonaldMcDonald?  #MomsNotLovinIt

You can also visit Moms Are Not Lovin’ It!  for additional ways to help.

Already our efforts are getting noticed.  The Today Show mentioned #MomsNotLovinIt in their coverage of his new outfit (at the 2:15 mark).  Below are just some of the organizations and people who have helped to get the word out. Please join us!


100 Days of RealFood

Corp Accountability



Carb Loaded


Low Pay Is Not OK

FarmOn! Foundation


First 5 Contra Costa

EB Fast Food Workers

Dr. Jeff Ritterman

Nancy F Huehnergarth

Peggy Orenstein

Sally Kuzemchak

Scott Weinberg

Lindsay Dahl

Connie Evers, MS, RD

Katie Morford MS, RD

Mary Hartley RD, MPH

Elizabeth Lee, MS RD

Brianne DeRosa

Michael Prager

Jessica Almy

Amy Jussel

Elisa Batista

Clare Politano

Kellie Magnus

Hanna Saltzman

Scott Williams

Dawn Papple

Leslie Ziss

Zainap Baraket

Ellen H Ullman

Erica Etelson

Leslie Meriwether

Scott Thill

Kimberly S. Walker

April Suzanne

Tyler Richardson

Melanie Chapman

Dhiya Ariffin

Anya van Eijck


Sugar Crash









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