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Gummy Bears for Extra Credit?


Yesterday my daughter told me she turned down another offer of food as a reward at school. This time it was gummy bears for extra credit in math class. Funny, I thought the extra credit was supposed to be a reward all by itself. When I told my daughter this she said, “How else will they get the other students to do it?” Makes me wonder what are we teaching kids about hard work and effort.
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2 thoughts on “Gummy Bears for Extra Credit?

  1. Yes! They’ve done the same thing at one of our local children’s library locations (serves low-income youth) where they (a) reward each child every time they read for 15 minutes with a piece of candy (or screen time on the computer or iPad and (b) reward each child every time they read # number of books with a free Happy Meal. What about just encouraging reading for the pleasure of reading – reading the book IS the reward!!! As a nutritionist who volunteers there, I saw this as a problem straight away, but I think I would be opening some people’s eyes when I bring it to their attention. Unless they already see it, but don’t see a better way.

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