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Champions for Children’s Health

ketI was interviewed for a recent program on Kentucky Educational Television’s Champions for Children’s Health.  It was great to have an opportunity to share the good work happening in Kentucky with programs like Better Bites, PTA 5K, and more.

The show is available to watch online at

Meet children’s health “champions”—individuals who are inspired to make a difference in the health of Kentucky’s young citizens. Renee Shaw interviews guests from three innovative initiatives and discusses how Kentucky fares on the issues of children’s nutrition, early childhood/brain development, and the social determinants of health.

4 thoughts on “Champions for Children’s Health

  1. Great interview with so many exciting points–kids DO like the healthier choices, the schools DON’T lose money when they offer more healthful options, and extra recess over food rewards is a healthful, FREE option for schools. At a time when recess is considered unnecessary by some schools, what a great way to bring fresh air and sunshine back to the school day! Thanks for all you do, Casey!

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