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FIT Kids Act

fitHere is my Letter to the Editor published in the Lexington Herald- Leader on Oct 3, 2013 :
Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions, increasing our children’s risk for heart disease and stroke.

Regular physical activity is critical to ensuring a brighter, healthier future for our nation’s youth. But not enough kids are physically active, with less than 4 percent of elementary schools and 8 percent of middle schools providing daily physical education.

My oldest started middle school this year and without recess or PE, it has been difficult for her to meet the recommended hour of physical activity every day.

With a family history of diabetes, we are highly motivated to stay active to ward off this terrible disease. We are participating in the PTA 5K training programs and bicycle to school in an effort to squeeze in enough physical activity, but there are many days she still falls short.

As a parent, I urge Congressman Andy Barr to support the Fitness Integrated with Teaching, or FIT, Kids Act. The bill would provide opportunities for physical activity and wellness in school programs and help curb childhood obesity rates. It also would require schools to inform parents about the quality and quantity of physical education in their children’s schools.

With obesity affecting 32 percent of our youth, our elected officials must give our kids the resources necessary to lead healthy and productive lives by supporting the FIT Kids Act.


One thought on “FIT Kids Act

  1. Our kids need daily physical activity. It is so important that our children get the activity time, nutrition and sleep they need to be able to grow up healthy and strong.

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