From 2 Liters to Water First!


Last night our PTA voted to serve water instead of soda and sugary drinks at this year’s Fall Festival. We’ve come a long way since the days of giving away 2 liter bottles as prizes for the ring toss. Here’s what I said before the vote:
Nearly every day there is a new study showing the harmful effects of sugar sweetened beverages like soda. It’s been linked to diabetes, tooth decay, obesity and recently to aggression, attention and social withdrawal problems in children. Many of us do not provide soda and sugar sweetened beverages for our children to reduce their risk of developing these kinds of problems.
We appreciate that soda is not sold to students during the day and feel uncomfortable with bringing it into the school for events like Fall Festival. When we see children with soda at the Fall Festival we feel bad about the role of the PTA in making that happen. Part of volunteering is to feel good about how we are helping children but the sugary drinks take away from that. Some PTAs at other schools have dealt with this by having a Water First policy. This means they vote to serve water instead of sugar sweetened drinks. I have seen it work well at other schools and think it is one of the simplest and most effective ways we can support the health of Ashland students. I propose we adopt a Water First policy which says our PTA will serve water instead of soda and sugar sweetened beverages.

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