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5th Graders’ Candy Act

nofoodasrewardThis is the kind of thing that keeps me going and gives me hope for the future!  A friend of mine from when our daughters were in playgroup together sent me this Facebook message about her 11-year-old daughter and allowed me to share it with my readers:
“Just wanted to let you know… You have inspired J again.  As you recall, J made a special announcement to the 5th grade last Fall, to educate them about Pink Slime & question the school after seeing one of your posts.  J saw your blog post (yesterday or the day before) about teachers bribing students & what not with candy.  She and 2 of her friends discussed it today at school & started a petition to give to the Principal. They call it the Candy Act and are hoping to get the Principal to make it against the rules to use candy as bribes or rewards for the Students.  Her teacher does not, & she knows not all of the teachers use candy as rewards/bribes, but they decided enough of them @ GSE [her elementary school] do to get a petition going and they hope to present it to the Principal & then if they succeed, to get one going to give to the Superintendent for the whole district.  She has her letter drafted and tonight @ the school carnival got their goal for the signatures.  She was even able to get a Beaumont [her future middle school] teacher in on the action who said she’ll be waiting for J there, next year.  I’ll make copies of her final product for you & send it to you.  Just wanted to let you know the outcomes of your hard work & dedication.  Keep up the good work, Casey.  Your message is getting through.  You ever need a little Assistant, J is there for you.”
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