5 thoughts on “Infographic: Sugar Limits for Kids

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  2. For your next infographic, you should try to incorporate a more visual image – they’re usually a quick-look statistic represented in a picture/chart that requires little reading, like at the bottom of the USA Today newspaper. To start, take the statistic or information and assign a graphic value – Say a clipart teaspoon of sugar. You could show a kid of varying sizes (diapered, crawler, schoolkid, teen) and how many spoons that kid can have – or, since you offered that a cupcake is 5 spoons, 1/2 cupcake, 3/4 cupcake, whole cupcake…. to visually represent the data. Not bad for a first try, though! Keep up the great work.

  3. Great info! The sugar amt relative to the total amt of calories available is really good info too. I’d list a bar chart of total calories by age, with the portion of the bar shaded to reflect the % of sugar calories. within that shaded area you could show the tsp counts.

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